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Animate Mates inside sub-assemblies

Question asked by Gustavo Goretkin on May 28, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by Deepak Gupta
I am using the SolidWorks Student Design Kit, which I believe is nearly equivalent to the SW2007.
In this assembly, I have some sub-assemblies and inside these individual sub-assemblies are angle mates which I can change to modify the movement of the sub-assemblies. I originally had the parts solved as "flexible" but this would not allow me to change the value of the angle mates. When I selected "solve as rigid" I could change the angle mate and the part would change orientation (counter intuitive I thought)
Anyway, I cannot access this angle mate inside SolidWorks Animator, although I can access it in the parts tree. If the mate is outside of the subassembly, then I'd be able to access it in SW Animator, but if I try to make the mate outside of the individual sub-assembly, I get an error saying that I must create mates between different parts. Making the part flexible (and suppressing the Angle Mate inside the sub-assembly) does not alleviate this condition.
Am I missing something? Is there anyway to make the Angle Mate inside of the sub-assembly appear outside of the sub-assy?

Thank you for any help.