Simo Lahti

PDMWorks Workgroup 2008 slow check in

Discussion created by Simo Lahti on May 27, 2008
Windows XP SP 2
SW + PDMWorks Workgroup SP 3.1

I updated my SW2007 to SW2008 SP 3.1 recently. After that I have experienced that check in -process works really slow. My problem is not involved to network speed or kind of issues because the slowlines appears when PDMWorks is generating check in list from my local machine.

For example list's generation takes even several minutes (in worst case) when checking in a simple assembly (kind of 5-7 parts without any complicated features) and drawings referenced to them. If there was the same assembly in PDM to be revisioned or brand new assembly, that makes no difference.

However, there is some library parts in the server. Can it be the source of this problem?

So, what might be wrong in my computer or is this widely known issue?