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    Odi Jamir
      Running sw2008 SP3.1 , Solidworks crashes when creating a helix. Anybody has this problem? Tread Software Open GL , All add-in off. Still crashes. XP Sp3
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          Kelvin Lamport
          System Specs ?

          What did you mean by "Tread Software Open GL" ?

          Were you able to create Helices before updating to XP-SP3 ?
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            Mark Matthews
            This sounds like The Microsoft Flex Grid control is not registered correctly. This also causes the Split Feature to crash to desktop. The following is from my VAR:<br /><br /><div class='jive-quote'><p style='min-height: 8pt; padding: 0px;'> </p><p>The Microsoft Flex Grid control is also used in the Split Part Property Manager so may also cause stability problems with this command if incorrectly registered. To get around this issue you can instruct the customer to register the Microsoft Flex grid control through the command prompt using the following steps:<br /><br />. Launch the command prompt<br />. Open a separate Windows Explorer window and find the Microsoft Flex grid file "Msflxgrd.ocx", located in the System32 folder. On Windows XP this can be found in: C:\WINNT\system32<br />. At the command prompt type in regsvr32 <space> then type in the location of the Msflxgrd.ocx controller or drag and drop the "Msflxgrd.ocx" file from the open Windows Explorer window Hit Enter -- this will register the Msflxgrd.ocx control. </p></div>