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Dell Precision 490 issues

Question asked by Greg Kamysz on May 23, 2008
Latest reply on May 28, 2008 by Greg Kamysz
I have a Dell Precision 490 with Dual Xeon 5150 processors, 8 gig of ram, Nvidia FX3500 video card with approved driver. I just did a clean install of XP64 and SW2008 SP3.1. The only thing added as far as software to the PC is MS Office, a Roxio CD/DVD burning software, and my Logitech Revolution mouse.

I've been fighting an assembly for a while and thought the poor performance was due to various things which lead to the OS reinstall. Things looked better until I installed the mouse and started working again. It takes maybe 3 seconds until I can actually click anything after switching windows within SW. If switching to my main assembly drawing this can be upwards of 15-20 seconds, as it updates the views.

My VAR mentioned that the mouse could be the issue. I really need to use this mouse to avoid pain. So hopefully I can work around it.

Task scheduler has never shown the ram usage exceed ~2GB.

I had another Precision 490 with 2GB of ram and a single dualcore at 1.8GHz that ran so much smoother and faster, on XP Pro and SW2007.

I just downloaded the SPEC Benchmark to see if I can get any information from that.