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Multiple connection points

Question asked by nuñez trujillo on May 23, 2008
Latest reply on May 27, 2008 by Kirk Jess
Please help me with the senerio. In the attached picture I have two parts. Part A and B and both have 3 CPoints on them. Is there a way to assign a CPoint to a certain pin so that when the black wire is connected from pin 1 on part A to pin 1 on part B, and so forth, it will already know the pin that it's connected to-- automatic--and display it in the Route summary.

I already know that you can manually assign the pin when doing Edit Route. However, I would like for it to already know the pin simply by me placing the wire. The reason is because I will have hundreds of these kinds of parts and to manually assign the pin of hundreds of parts is cumbersome and introduces error.

Thank you ahead of time for your response.