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Minimum requirements for PDM workgroup

Question asked by 1-AF5LOB on May 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2008 by 1-AF5LOB
I have not used PDM works before but I would like to test it on a small project.

My office server is struggling already with its work load and I would rather have the PDM vault on a separate machine anyway. I am not going to be allowed the budget to buy a new server for this so what I'm asking is it possible to run the vault off a normal desktop computer? It is only going to have two users working on a sheet-metal assembly of less than 25 parts.
The minimum requirements posted on the Solidworks website seem to suggest you need a server to run it.
I know it would be easy enough to manage without PDM but I want to test it for later use on bigger projects.

A second question could I access the vault over the internet when I am at home? Or do I need to have the enterprise version for this?