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Solidworks Crashes When Opening a part, assembly, drawing etc on extended monitors

Question asked by Andrew Palazzolo on Jun 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by Gianluca Mattaroccia

Hello Fellow Solidworks users,

I am having a pretty rare occurrence and im wondering if anyone else has run into this or knows what could be the problem

So I have a custom built computer that is running the following components:


Solidworks is 2016 Service Pack 3


Computer components:Windows 10 Pro

64gb RAM

Intel i7 6700K @ 4.0 GHz

Nvidia GTX 980 ti Graphics card

and all runing on Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard


I realize that my graphics card is not under the supported graphics card list but none the less i don't think that's the problem

So, here's my problem: I am running dual monitors with extending windows option enabled. For the record I AM NOT running solidworks in extended view across both monitors. I have my left monitor as my primary and windows extends to the right. if i open solidworks on my left monitor (primary) solidworks works fine no problems, however if i open solidworks on my right monitor (extended) it crashes when trying to open a file regardless on what it is. Now here's the catch, if i switch the settings around and have my right monitor as my primary and left as my extended then on my right monitor it works perfectly yet on the left which is now extended it crashes and freezes. if i then mirror my displays so that both monitors display the same thing then i don't have any issues at all. If I open solidworks on the monitor that works and then move the window over to the extended monitor then it works however if i open another part or whatever it crashes and freezes too.


It seems that solidworks does not like operating on an extended windows setup and its very frustrating as i would like to be able to move around the solidworks window to another monitor as needed depending on what im doing.


I am not sure if this could be a bug in solidworks that might be repaired in future Service packs but in any case its quite annoying. I have double checked and updated graphics drivers and even reinstalled windows twice and reinstalling solidwork as well but to no avail.


If anyone has any tips i would greatly appreciate it!


Thanks Guys!!


Andrew Palazzolo, CSWP