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(Help!)Flow simulation questions in simulating a pulping machine

Question asked by Han Lubing on Jun 12, 2016

I am a student from Xian China,

I am doing a simulaiton with Flow Simulation in Solidworks.its about the pupling machine for paper-making looks like this:11.jpg                                      2.jpgAnd this is the static disc,also has bars and grooves.

This is the rotating disc,you can see it has bars and grooves.

Two discs are face to face,the rotating disc is 105 rad/s and the static disc do not move.


Well,this is the boundary conditions.(I used the Global rotation in the guide.)

(Inlet is water,out let atmosphere , volume rate of flow 0.01m^3/s ,set the s.tatic disc as a real wall and stator)(so quesiton number 1:should i choose all the surface of the static disc that inculding the bars surface as real wall and stators?)

other settings are seted as default.



This is the real wall i selected(without slect the surface of the bars)





Flow traces(shows speed of the flow wich is not bad,basically correct);




But i am not sure ,anyone who knows about how fluid machinery be simulated in the Flow simulation helps me dealing with the problem?