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    default templates and settings

    James Canney
      Working off a laptop, we have defualt templates for our drawing sheets. These are located on our netwok drives. We also have company wide specifications for dimensions and styles (arrrows etc).

      When creating a drawing at the office we use the defaukt templates, everything works fine.

      I have copied the drawing templates to my C drive so I can create drawings at home. When I do this my drawing templates work fine, but the settings I have for line styles, dimensions etc revert to the default solidworks standard. Can't quite figure this out, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.
        • default templates and settings
          Dean Williamson
          If I remember correctly, I had this same issue, but all I did was go back in to each one of my templates and set them to what they are supposed to be. I know a little time consuming, but at least everything will be correct. The reason I had to do this, this way is because I the version of Solidworks, I believe did not have the Copy Settings Wizard.

          If that doesn't work, I would try this.

          - Start
          - All Programs
          - Solidworks (Version x.x)
          - Solidworks Tools
          - Copy Settings Wizard (Make sure you save in a known location) Then copy this to the new machine and see if your settings will upload. Then you go back to the same spot to Restore the settings once you have them uploaded.

          Hope this helps,
          • default templates and settings
            Cory King
            Myself, our senior designer and our project manager/mech. eng. all 3 work from laptops successfully. Our scheme consists of having a location setup on our server that stores our master templates. we then use a replication program to copy these to our local drives. We use an encryption program called TrueCrypt to contain all of this in a container that is accessed through a mapped drive letter. SolidWorks is set to look to this driveletter for these templates. We also use the copy settings wizard to backup our settings. this saves alot of time if you have to reset these settings. Another option I am working on is to record a Macro while setting the document properties and system options . Save this as a whole or individually then run this Macro when you want to change these in a template.
            I have run a simple test of this Macro and it has been succesful so far.
            I may make an enhancement request to SolidWorks to include this functionality into the Compare Documents utility.
            • default templates and settings
              Matthew Lorono
              I would suggest that the official template may be incomplete.