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    Getting new name from drawing template

    Roy Kim
      I have two completely different templates. One is old and the other is new.

      In old template, I used to be able to:

      If I have a model called ABC and by using drawing template to make a drawing of the model then try to save it, it automatically picks up the name ABC in Save As File name hence I don't need to type the name again.

      However in the new drawing template, I no longer by able to such a thing.

      I just cannot find how I did it...

      It must be a template setting somewhere as the drawing picks up the name on top of feature manager.

      I'm still using SW05. Can someone be able to refresh my memory please?
        • Getting new name from drawing template
          Matthew Lorono
          You may have put this question in the wrong area to get a quick response. You may wish to ask it in the Drawings area.

          • Getting new name from drawing template
            David Heinemeyer
            I can no longer remember which version this problem cropped up in but for at least a couple of releases of SW this was the case. I found that using a template with pre-defined views would use the model name when saving a new drawing. If the template had no pre-defined views it would default to a generic name. I don't remember which version this was fixed in but I know 2008 works correctly and I think 2007 worked correctly as well. In your older version I would add a pre-defined view to your templates even if you delete it later on it makes saving the drawing the first time easier if you're using model name for drawing file name as well. Hope this helps.