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SW 2016 rating

Question asked by Daniel Blackburn on Jun 12, 2016

Please forgive grammatical indiscretion ... I'm not in the mood to correct Siri.



ive been a SW user for over 7 years and I have to say I'm disappointed by the user interface of 2106. Dimensioning has added two clicks for every instance it is edited.  The editing box is horrid after the first attempt.



My part templates no longer carry over sig-figs and require manual alteration and changing back to desired decimal places each time.



Over all, in their attempt to visually update things, all that has occurred is bugs in my opinion.  From 2011 to 2015 there was no significant visual degradation for user functionality, but 2016 is umistakely bugged.



i was financially limited on the support package, but I'm debating on even detailing the new problems I've observed since it has no benefit to me. old issues like in sketch mode creating lines when you get a "hanger" that is  .005" that you did not draw still exist, which is observable the when you try to revolve or extrude a sketch.



Sweeps and lofted cuts sometimes fail when importing splines from extracted IGEs or step files.  Sure, manually I can get around this but it's a pain.



Measuring tool still sucks when extracting from IGES OR STP.



When importing CATIA files (sister file) none of the GD&T carries over.  STP appears more usable than a CATIA conversion.



Honestly, for the money I'd preferred a 2013 version deeply discounted and suffered lack of the added features like true thread models, instead performing them manually since they lack accuracy to a Unified thread scale anyways ...



Overall score for 2016 (out of ten)= 6



Yes it is Solidworks and easy to use and functions, but fails on the consistency and improvement rating.