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Hole Fit Tolerance Table location / JS Tolerance

Question asked by Peter Kuhn on Jun 10, 2016

I am running SW 2014.  As best I can tell the JS tolerance ± value is available for Inch Dowel Pins according to ANSI, but it appears it is only available for Metric Dowel Pins in Solidworks.  Has this been revised in a later version, or did I misunderstand the ANSI tables.


Where are the fit tables located in Solidworks.  It appears some of ours have been corrupted.  I can callout JS fit when placing the dowel pin, however there is no data associated with it for tolerances.  All thee JS fit tolerances show up as ±0.000000.  I tried a fresh install of SW2014 on a new PC.  The JS tolerance values showed up and were working.  The HoleWizard configuration and Calloutformat files have been modified a little standards, and most likely are from older versions of Solidworks.  I tried copying the SWBrowser.mdb and Calloutformat.txt files from the fresh install and pointing to their location.  These files did not fix the JS tolerance values so I assume there is another file SW is looking at, in a different location.


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