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RenderMaterial through API + VBA issues

Question asked by Charles Marian on Jun 10, 2016

Hi everyone,


I'm attempting to map textures to faces via the API. Below is what I've tried:


CreateRenderMaterial function to make a new texture from scratch

     The new texture includes all the information required such as the texture filename, bump map, bump map filename, width, height, etc.

     When I apply the newly created texture, it will show correctly but the bump map under surface finish will not show file & the path below.


CreateRenderMaterial function to make a new texture from a p2m material file that I created with all the corresponding correct texture information.

     Effectively the same problem as above. The bump map does not seem to load. It is replaced with the file name as seen below.


Those images are what I get when I load in the appearance from the API interface. This next one is if I load it in manually from the browse button on the appearance group.


Also tried getting the existing rendermaterial from the surface and making a change to it then reapplying, but the same issue comes up.


Another thing I tried was using the VBA example directly from solidworks help files to supposedly apply a surface finish to a part, it failed as well.


Any help is appreciated!