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Intersect Parts for Continuous 3D Print

Question asked by Jordan Edmunds on Jun 10, 2016
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So I am trying to create a fairly simple part, consisting of an inner cylinder and some rings attached to it on the outside, the whole of which I want to be one continuous body. It will be 3D printed. I created the inner core and the outer rings separately, and made the rings such that their inner diameter is smaller than the outer diameter of the core, so they would overlap. I then mated the parts, and saved the assembly as a part file so that I could merge all the parts into a single continuous body. However, after performing an intersect, I still see a little separation between the inner core and the outer rings, which (last time I sent out the part for printing), caused the rings to essentially be detached from the main cylindrical core, so they could move around. It's not an actual gap, but it does cause the rings to be printed at a different time than the inner core, which is not acceptable. I want them to be printed continuously with the rest of the part so this does not happen. Does anyone know how I might go about doing this without writing out the whole STL file in notepad myself? Also, i can tell the STL traces are not continuous by looking at the triangles (see below)