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    Copying admin settings from one vault to another?

    Tera Hansen

      We're moving to a new streamlined, more automated/electronic ECO process.  And I finally got our new workflow/ECO process set up and running correctly in the Test Vault and I'm ready to transfer it to the live vault.  I assume most of the other settings like data cards, variables, and templates can be transferred by either copy and pasting or exporting and importing.  But what about the workflow?  I'd like it to integrate with the already existing workflow and replace the settings of the existing states and transitions with the new settings of of the states and transitions with the same names.  Am I doomed to copy and paste everything individually or is there an easier way to do this?  Would it be better maybe to create a new workflow and link the old one to the new one?  I've attached screen shots of the new and old workflows so you can see what I'm working with.  Any help would be extremely appreciated! 

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          Mark Olsen

          I dunno.  I had to do the same thing yesterday, and the only way I could find to do it was to cut and paste and basically recreate what was in the test vault to the live vault.  I couldn't find any easy way. 

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            Jim Sculley

            You cannot import a new workflow on top of an old workflow.  You have to manually duplicate the changes in one to match the other.  This deficiency is noted in SPR 647969.  I have two vaults, one for production and one for development where I try things out.  When I need to update the production workflow, I open up one workflow on each monitor and go through them from top to bottom making sure all the changes in the development vault are made in the production vault.


            Also, having taken a quick look at your workflow, one suggestion I have is to number your transitions so that you can control the display order in the Change State menus.  For example:


            1. SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL

            2. NO APPROVAL NEEDED

            3. EDITING REQUIRED