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    Tips on publishing configurations

    Charles Huddleston

      I have a part that has 10 different configurations and am having some trouble publishing each configuration to a separate PDF. I created 3 different 3D views but they are linked to the configuration I selected originally when creating the view. I can reassign the view to each configuration and view before publishing but this just seems very time consuming.


      Is there an easy way to publish every configuration at once?


      Am I missing something or does anyone have any tips on publishing configurations?

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          Dennis Dohogne

          There is no automatic way to do this, but I've done something similar.  Put config 1 on drawing sheet 1 with the top and side views set to "link to parent" which is the front view.  Copy this sheet to make sheet 2.  Change the configuration of the front view and the top and side views update accordingly.  Copy sheets and do the same for the other configurations.  All configurations will be on separate sheets, but within one drawing file.  An update to any of the configurations is automatically updated in the drawing the next time it is opened, of course.  You can save the drawing to pdf and select individual or all sheets.  If selecting more than one sheet then it will be a multi-page pdf instead of separate files.


          With a multi-sheet drawing there is probably a way to save each sheet separately to pdf using a macro, but that is for someone else to address.  I think this would be easier to do with a drawing since the sheets would likely keep their simple names of Sheet1, Sheet2, etc. whereas the part configurations probably have your specific naming and would change from one part to another, making the detection of the different names a little more involved.  There are some real macro wizards out here on this forum, but you might need to repost requesting help with a macro in order to catch their attention.

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            Casey Gorman


            The way we handle part configurations on our PDF's is that we create View Captures (what ever number of views are needed) of each configuration. Name these views in a consistent and understandable a manor. We use DASH numbers for our parts that use the same base number and then add a descriptor after. (i.e. 123-4567-001 Top, 123-456-001 Side... 234-5678-001 Top, 234-5678-001 Side). All of these needed views are published in a single PDF


            This could get to be a lot of views if the difference are great or if you have a lot of configurations but it might be an option.