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    Smooth transition surfaces

    Chevis Watkinson
      We have an area, were we need to create smooth transition surfaces and all edges require tangency. As this will be a chrome part any deviation above .05 degree whould most likely show up in the part.

      I have attached an image that shows the "roughed in surfaces" in order to help communicate the end form we are trying to achive. At this point the edges are not tangent........

      Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful, I can also post a sw file.

      Chevis W.
        • Smooth transition surfaces
          Matt Lombard
          Why aren't the edges tangent? Did you not make them tangent? When you do features like these you have 3 choices - fill, loft and boundary. If you do square cornered patches, the boundary is probably the best (assuming you're using SW08). If you are having trouble getting smooth enough transitions, I would recommend getting away from the square corner trims, and use a closed loop spline, and then patch with the Fill surface. SW has some unexplainable bad times in getting curvature correct in two directions at sharp corners, even when it just has to be tangent to a single continuous surface.

          There's really no substitute for fiddling with it, especially if you need to get down to .05 deg tangency. Basically try to do every thing you can to allow the surface to transition naturally and to remove sharp discontinuities like corners. Pay attention to the UV lines, and use connectors to control them (for loft and boundary).

          Best of luck.