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Workaround for 'Modify Config' problem?

Question asked by Bill Rose on May 21, 2008
Latest reply on May 21, 2008 by Bill Rose
I recently found a problem with the Modify Configuration dialog box that prevents you from editing a dimension and applying it to multiple configs. I thought I had found a workaround today but this method seems to have a bug.

If you click on a dimension, the properties for that dimension are displayed. One of the things this offers is to change the dimension's value and select how to apply that value by pressing the 'Configurations' button. Pressing that button gives you a nice dialog where you can select All, This, or Specify Configurations. If you choose 'Specify' the list becomes active and you can randomly select any configuration. Great, except it doesn't apply the edited dimension to those configurations, only to the current configuration.

This is an obvious bug that should be looked at when the other dialog's changes are being made since they seem to be related. We still have no method the change a dimension across multiple configs.

See the screen shots, the first is the editing process and the second shows one of the selected configs which has not been changed.......Bill