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    AuotCAD Electrical and PDME

    Glenn Douglas
      Anyone have any experience using AutoCAD Electrical in conjunction with the PDM Enterprise Vault?
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          Jeff Sweeney
          I personally haven't...but it is still a .dwg file, I can't imagine it would not work.
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              Jeff Hallgren
              We have been testing this. The biggest obstacle is the database file that ACADE uses. This file must reside on a network, pdmwe does not support reading or writing to database files (even the hole wizard database).
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                Michael Dekoning

                Our Electrical Engineers are about to move to AutoCAD Electrical and I'll have to configure EPDM to handle their files. I'm curious about you have implemented it, if you have. What did you end up doing about the Access database files? Do you have the project files in the vault? I'd be glad to take the converstion off-line if you prefer. Let me know.

                Mike DeKoning

                EPDM 2009 SP3
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                    David Paulson

                    SolidWorks does not really offer any solution to electrical wiring diagrams. Wiring diagrams are not 3D. For years I used VIA as an electrical diagram plug-in to AutoCad (LT). But then Autodesk purchased VIA. VIA is basically a parametric 2D program. Before VIA I would create blocks and build up the 2D model of a wiring diagram. This is not pleasant. There are other solutions out there (I think Allen Bradley has one) but for a 2D parametric program for the price of SolidWorks. I can still run AutoCad with VIA but on an x32 system, which is not convenient with SolidWorks which really likes x64 bit with > 4 MB memory. But a ten year old laptop runs everything very well.

                    SolidWorks electrical routing is somewhat useless for an electrical engineer. 3D electrical routing is only of value of you are designing harnesses. This is about <2% of what electrical engineers do.

                    It is a shame that SolidWorks spent a lot of development time with the harnessing capability which is only really needed by users that would also use Catia, for example. A simple parametric block program for electrical wiring would have served a much greater segment of their customer base.

                    The reality is that AutoCad with electrical is even more $$ than SolidWorks. SW needs to go head to head with AutoDesk on this feature. The SolidWorks design platform needs to span mechanical and electrical design as a minimum. One design package, with only one annual renewal cost makes way more sense that SW + AutoCad.
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                        Jason Capriotti
                        David, could you not use something like Visio for wiring diagrams, some of our electrical engineers do. The new versions even have things like dynamic symbols and the ability to link text in the symbols to a database. It's a lot cheaper than AutoCAD.
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                            David Paulson

                            Your suggestion for using Visio is very good. However, I used to use MacDraw for electrical diagrams and achieved amazing results........even better than can be obtained today with AutoCad Electrical. I think that Visio could do the same thing on a PC. I could color code wires, and easily color code backgrounds or even add background templates if desired.

                            But everything is custom constructed and takes a LOT of time. SolidWorks tools have all the potential to be great, but SW is focused almost totally on defining manufactured parts. In the design phase of a project, the definition of how it works is more important than how it fits. My point is that SolidWorks should expand their offering to include the capability for wiring diagrams and PID's as well.

                            I would like to create state of the art wiring diagrams and PID's in one hour instead of eight hours per page............. Should be easy for SW?????
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                            Greg Van Arsdale
                            Good Day All,

                            We are testing our EPDM implementation just prior to "Go-Live".
                            We have a single Electrical Engineer on our Engineering team.
                            He uses Acad Electrical.
                            We put one of his projects into our test vault.
                            The project contained 6 dwgs and a single wpd file.
                            We checked it in, transitioned it through a worklflow to simulate the approval process to get it released...
                            Then we copied the project to a memory stick and brought it back to him for inspection.
                            He said that there were no issues with the files.

                            We did not have to do anything special with our vault setup for to handle this type of file, which was an initial concern.

                            I realize that other folks' environments may not be a simplistic as ours from an EE perspective.

                            EPDM 2009 SP2... ...will be SP3 before we "Go-Live".

                            Good Luck!