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Drafting the edge of a fillet?

Question asked by Dan Ja on Jun 10, 2016
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I'm attempting to create a parting line at the start of a fillet. I've drafted the top part of my model, but the bottom part needs a small fillet, which creates a zero-draft issue as the fillet is tangent with the drafted surface. Essentially the top of the fillet should have a sharp edge, and the fillet should be tangent with that new draft angle. Look at the pictures for a better explanation.


When I add a parting line draft to the top of the fillet edge however it entirely destroys the fillet. Is it something I'm doing wrong, and is there a good way around this? I know I could always add the fillet, delete the face, and loft the edges together using a guide curve that has the correct tangent relation, but that's a horribly long way around this issue, especially since my shape is quite complex (the one in the pictures below is just illustrative, not my actual part).



What are your thoughts, is there a better strategy to achieve what I want?