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tolerance / design table / drawing

Question asked by Christine Bickenbach on May 20, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2009 by Christine Bickenbach
Does anyone know if this will be changed in a service pack to come, or has it already?

When working with tolerance callouts in design tables for my drawings, I get: for example,

bilateral;0.002000;-0.001000 instead of +.002/-.001

or symmetric;0.002000 instead of +/- .002

My boss hates it when I use the tolerance from the design table becuase of this. Manufacturing yells at me because of all those zero's... I try to tell them it's SW, but they just want me to change it. So, my only option up until now is manually type everything in....
with tons of configurations human error is bound to happen, not to mention the pain of manually typing everything in...

Any relief in sight??