ECN & ECO ???

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 29, 2006
Thank`s for your answer Joy.........

OK, I will contact my VAR, but I want more information about ECN/ECO from you and another users of PDMWE and Conisio.
I need more information from who have using this product as well.
I think it is important hear about PDMWE from experience user.
So please give me some infromation about ECN/ECO.
Maybe if you have an tutorial, could you send it for me ?


on 2006 29 06:56 Joy Garon wrote:
> Dear John,
> The functionality is far too in-depth to delve into in the context of a newsgroup.
> I would suggest you contact your local reseller who can assist with a proper
> demonstration.
> Regards,
> Mrs. Joy Garon