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    Anand Ramalingam

      The request is not so important but its a question of option.

      Can i make a solidworks file as thumbnail when viewing from PDMWE vault?

      Is it the similar option found under solidworks--> tool-->options--> thumbnail preview (not working for PDMWE vault files)or some other settings for PDMWE.

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          Devon Sowell
          Hello Anand-

          In PDMWE 2008, Right Click in the File View, then Select your viewing choices. See the screenshot below.
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            Jay Johnson

            We recently recieved new computers and had to re-install SolidWorks on them. One PC is Windows XP and the other is Windows 7 32-bit. Originally SolidWorks was installed a PC with Windows XP.


            Now when I try to Open and browse for a file I don't get the pop-up view of the part or drawing when I click on it. Also if I am browsing in "Details" mode and with the preview pane open (Win 7) I don't get a view in the preview pane or a pop-up view. This happens about 95% of the time. The one time I tried to show my IT person it worked properly. But now it doesn't work again. I don't like using large thumbnail icons to browse our large catalog of drawings and models. So, trying to see what I am looking at in details mode worked great when the pop-up thumbnail worked. Is that still an option in Win 7 or has it been removed from SolidWorks.




            Jay Johnson