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I want a spline to look like a filleted line

Question asked by Joseph Dunfee on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by Joseph Dunfee

I am finally trying to get proficient at surfacing, and am being frustrated by a spline issue.


I want to create a spline that starts and ends in a way similarly to a filleted lines.  My actually curve is more complex than the example I created, but I wanted to make my example as simple as possible. My example has a control point in the middle of the fillet area, that would be unnecessary in my example, but it is necessary to illustrate the problem.  My end goal is to create a lofted boss that starts with a segment that is straight. I realize I cold just start my model with an extruded boss, but that would not be the ideal solution if the spline can be made to start like I want it to do.


My sketch should illustrate the problem.  I want to eliminate that extra bulge at the vertical and horizontal line segment, since I want those lines straight.  Then, I want the curves that join those two straight segments to be tangent.


I tried dragging the control handles so that they overlapped the next point in the straight segment.  But, after doing that, it became very difficult to grab and control the control handles for that next point.  Actually, it often became impossible.


Is what I want to do even possible?  If so, how?


Thanks for any advice.