Bill McEachern

Looking for support for anyone who want Engineering units

Discussion created by Bill McEachern on May 15, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2008 by Derek Bishop
Does any one else care about this other than me? I really want to have engineering notation as an option in CosmosWorks and I have been asking for years. they tellme nobody asks for it so I would like to see if it is in fact true that no one is interestedin it.

For those of you who don't know what it is it is this: Engineering notation displays numbers in the format of 10^0 (ie 1) 10^3, 10^6 or 10^-3, 10^-6 etc. If this option was available, in my view it would display plainly meaningful data with the same setting in a very unambiguous way. The option to display a specific number of significant figures would be nice. Thus displacements for us who are comfortable with inches & psi would get thing displayed in inches or thou or pis or ksi or msi and for thsoe modern type with the metric thing all figured out would get information in meters, mm, um, nm or Pa or kPa or MPa or GPa without having to set up anything once you pick your unit system.

Who is with me on this one! Just respond witha vote if you think this is something good to have. Let your voice be heard as I really hate wasting my time changing plot setting to make things readable.