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Strange Divergence of Stress at Symmetric Constraint

Question asked by Jason Lincoln on Jun 9, 2016

Hello all,


I have been working on a stress simulation for a while, that basically involves a uniform load to be applied to the front surface of a rectangle which is held at 4 points at symmetric locations on the rectangle. The rectangle is also made of several layers of various materials which vary in thickness. The thickest layer being 3.2mm and the thinnest being .2mm. The rectangle is 1.5 x 1 m. Of course, I have reduced this simulation to a 1/4 symmetric problem so that the remaining rectangle is .75 x 0.5 m. My goal is to find the stress distribution in the center .2mm layer of the assembly. However, when I do this and look at the first principal stress on the center layer, I notice a strange divergence in the stress as you approach the edges which had the symmetric constraint, when there obviously should not be such behavior. I was hoping someone might be able to diagnose why this occurs and what I can do to fix it

.Standard Frame - First Principal Stress - Silicon Sheet - Bottom.PNG