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    Save-As 3D PDF

    David Suelflow
      When you save-as a 3D PDF are your file sizes quite large? I have a modest assembly (eDrawing is 700K) that becomes a 10 Meg PDF. Are files created in Adobe 3D a reasonable size? We are looking to buy it and would like to know if the files are this (too) big.
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          Terry Howard
          My experience is that the file sizes are large but that they compress a fairly large percentage in a zip file.
          I thought that anybody could save as a 3d adobe file, but we have the Office
          version. To save as a 3d, you do a save as, change the file type to pdf then
          check the box at the bottom that says "Save as 3D PDF"

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            Kevin Quigley
            Yes. But I do the file conversion via Acrobat 3D - in that Acrobat 3D reads SolidWorks files and converts to PDF directly. I'll need to check but it may well be that the "save as 3D PDF" command in SolidWorks is saving in the B rep data as well to allow Acrobat users to save out the PDF to STEP or Parasolid or STL. This is an option in Acrobat 3D that increases file size. I'm not at a SW machine right now but I'll check tomorrow.