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Saving a High Res image overrides polyline width?

Question asked by Connor Mulkey on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by Dale Herzog

     I've been working on product assembly instructions, so I've leaned heavily on the use of polylines in my views. When saving these views through the High Resolution Image workshop, the polylines in the saved .png file are no longer the correct width (too thin). The preview option in the workshop also produces an image with incorrect polyline widths (too thin). Increasing the width of the polylines does nothing, as the preview and saved images are identical to those before the width increase. Even changing to some drastically larger line width has no affect on the saved image.
     What stumps me is the fact that this wasn't always a problem. When I first installed and started using Composer, this issue wasn't present. The problem arose seemingly out of nowhere. I'm doing everything exactly as I did before, and as far as I can remember, no settings were changed. I'm using the same settings to save these images as all of my coworkers, and my workstation is the only one with this problem. My coworkers can open my Composer file and save the images, and every image saved on their workstation is correct.

     I've tried subscribing to a style, unsubscribing from a style, changing polyline settings... nothing works. I've gone through my document properties and preferences to make them match those of my coworkers. Still nothing. I've yet to try uninstalling and reinstalling Composer, but I'd like to avoid that if possible, as it's a hassle to get IT involved. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Edit: Decreasing the resolution of my saved images corrects the polyline width, but that is not a valid solution. My coworkers save images at the same high resolution I've attempted, but their polylines appear as they should.