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Solidworks 2008 x64 performance and CPU Affinity

Question asked by Matt McKendrick on May 15, 2008
Latest reply on May 16, 2008 by Martin Wrann
I am loving the speed of my new system. Box specs are below. The only thing I wish I would have done after reading some of the other posts on this topic, is to have a hard drive assigned to each CPU. I only have 1 raptor 10,000 rpm. Oh well. I think I can add it later if I think its necessary.

I downloaded and timed the rebuild (using Feature Statistics) of that Punch Holder that seems to be the benchmark you all are testing to these days. 76 seconds was the rebuild time. However I had to set the affinity of Solidworks to CPU 2 and 3 only to achieve this. If I let Vista automatically do this (Solidworks affinity set for all CPUs) the punch holder rebuilds in 88 seconds. Unfortunately, every time I close Solidworks, this affinity setting goes bye-bye and I have to reset it.

1) Is there a way to permanently set affinity for processes in Vista x64?

2) Are there any other tricks I can use on Vista or Solidworks to help decrease that rebuild time even further? I have already disabled all that I dare in Services.msc I have also disabled all of those resource intensive Vista graphics options as well.