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    Gerald Davis
      I'm going to start this rant with a specific example and end with a plea for the general ability to control the behavior of flyout menus.

      I can use the mouse to move components. The Move Component Fly Down on the Command Manager has Move Component on top with Rotate hidden. Why isn't Rotate the convenient behavior with Move being the more difficult launch?

      Most of the time, I'm looking for the Rotate icon, not the Move icon. I can either replace the fly down with separate icons on the Command Manager or memorize a key stroke combination to launch the Rotate function. I use a bunch of different software packages, and memorizing a suite of keystrokes for each one is beyond my feeble mental capacity.

      My preference would be to reorder the appearance of who's-on-top in the fly downs.

      In fact, there are two kinds of "training" that I'd like to impose on my fly downs.
      In one mode, I want them to remember what I did last (that applies to every option on every Property Manager, but that's another topic).

      In another mode, I want to specify which item appears as the "sticky" default top dog.
        • Fly Out My Way

          I agree with your rant, but just as a note, you can rotate the component with the RMB.
          Also you are talking about changes to the User Interface, you know how that went over when they changed it for SW 2008
          Actually I think alot of the issues with SW 2008 is that the users felt that SW was forcing them to work one way. I think that users want control of setting up the way SW is setup, your example being a good one.

          • Fly Out My Way
            Stefan Hamminga
            How about adding it to the 's' menu? I use that for 95% of all my commands (works wonders). I myself programmed the 'document switch' button of my MX1000 mouse for rotate, this feature (and well placed mouse button) alone would be enough reason for me to buy that mouse.