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    Show reference plane with its name in a drawing

    Göran Nordh
      How do I show reference plane with its name in a sectional view in a drawing?

      In building design it is common practise to set out levels in relation to a reference plane (example: +2,20) with a small icon like the one used for surface finish.

      In SW I would like to work with reference planes that I create at different hights from a reference plane. The component names for these planes would be +3,10 5,70 aso...

      When creating the drawing I want to show the planes together with their component names in the sectional views.

      Is this possible?
        • Show reference plane with its name in a drawing
          Charles Culp
          If you go to View>Planes in the drawing, it will turn on plane visibility. Then go into the feature manager tree, click on the section view, then dig down into the part and find the plane you want visible. Right click on it, and choose "show", this will make the plane visible.

          I do not know how to automatically label it with the feature name, that may have to be done by hand.