Bill Allemann

cylindrical cam with sheet metal question

Discussion created by Bill Allemann on May 14, 2008
Need to make a cam with sheet metal. Started with long rectangle, made cam profile along one long edge. Used Insert bend to make a cylinder with the cam surface on one end of the cylinder.
How do I get a cam mate to work on the end of the cylinder? The cam follower motion would be parallel to the axis of the cam cylinder.
Apparently the surface created by the sheet metal bend is not usable. I've tried inserting a curve using only the outer edge of the "cam" surface and creating a new swept surface, and several related attempts. I was wanting to have a common cam roller follow this surface.
I only need the cam follower to function maybe 225° around the cylinder, so I don't need to pass over the gap area (from forming the cylinder).
I suppose this may be similar to drum cams, but I've only done flat/edge cams before.

Any tutorial info out there?