J Ferrario

Non-uniform scaling in Parasolid files?

Discussion created by J Ferrario on May 14, 2008
I don't know if anyone has come across this particular issue, or if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm having trouble with a Parasolid XT text file that has a non-uniform scaling transform applied to a part. The attached zip file contains an XT file with a 1mm by 10mm box, with a 10x scale in the z-axis, which should result in a 10mm cube. I added newlines around the transform entry in question, for simplicity's sake. The settings seem to match the XT format specifications, but for some reason, SolidWorks doesn't seem to recognize the transform. If I apply a translation and rotation in addition to the scale, the object is positioned correctly, but the scale is still not applied. I fiddled with the flags setting on the transform, using every value in the accepted range (0-31, if I understand the format correctly), but still had no luck. Meanwhile, other XT file viewers that I've tried display the transformed part in the expected fashion, so I must be doing *something* right.

I'm using SolidWorks Office 2007, SP5.0. The attached file was initially exported from SW, and I edited the transform by hand to update the flags and rotation matrix to represent the desired non-uniform scale. Is there something I'm overlooking? Any input/pointers/advice would be appreciated.