Discussion created by 1-2ZUMTS on May 14, 2008
Is anyone having a problem with SW2008 sp3.1 (64x) crashing in the first couple minutes of operation? The crashes are random as far as size and type (part/assembly/drawing) of file and only happen if a document is opened with in the first couple minutes of SW opening. It seems to work fine if we open SW and let it sit for five (or so) minutes before opening any documents. We contacted our VAR and they do not seem to know what is going on. I have read many of the crash threads on the forum pages, but none of them seem to have the same problem we are having.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

FYI - Solidworks was installed with the anti-virus turned off and I verifed the video card with the SW website.
DELL490, 3.20 GHZ, 8 GB OF RAM, NVIDIA QUADRO FX 3450/4000 SDI