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Vista x64 SW08 Graphics Problem

Question asked by mark marzouk on May 14, 2008
Latest reply on May 19, 2008 by mark marzouk
I have just added a dual boot option to my HP workstation, i have XP 32bit and I have just installed Vista business x64. On XP I run Solidworks 2008 SP3.1 and it works perfectly.

So...I have a clean install of Vista XP on my dual boot, and I have installed Solidworks 2008 x64...everything installed fine, no errors.

I installed the recommended x64 graphics card driver for my Quadro 3500. again no errors.

The problem starts when i open solidworks, it crashes on the first open, then when i open it the second time its fine. this is a light problem really.

my major problems are:

*on the open file dialog there are some buttons with missing text...
*there is no realview!!!
*there are no backgrounds!!

iv installed numerous graphics card drivers and it still isnt working properly.

can somebody give me advise on which card driver i should be using please.