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Animator Distance Mates

Discussion created by Adam Smith on May 14, 2008
Latest reply on May 27, 2008 by Matt Graves
Has anyone been using Animator / Motion Studies in 2008 on 64Bit Vista?

I have a medium copmlexity motion study that refuses to allow me to put in the mating distances I want. The initial rebuild allows the part to move to the correct position, but then a very persistant and annoying dialog (that cannot be turned off) says that due to model updates the parts cannot be moved to the requested positions and wants to know if I want to update (screw up) my animation or not.

Either way I answer the question the parts move to an eroneous position...

IMHO Animator is a huge pile right now... Motors, Distance Mates, angle Mates, Constant Rebuilding of the timeline.... makes it nearly impossible to use.

A Trick for those trying to create a precise rotary motion that passes zero/360:

ie. Multiple revolutions without motors

When crossing the zero/360 mark zoom way into the timeline so you can see one frame step. Create a zero degree step then one frame later create a 360 step.

This will essentially snap the part all the way back to zero/360 in step so you won't see it... Then you can put in the angle you want...

Good luck... I know I'm beyond luck right now...