Charles Hartlaub

*HELP* Downloading 64 bit Administrative Image

Discussion created by Charles Hartlaub on May 14, 2008
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by Mark Landin
Ahh my first post

I have a serious downloading problems at work due to our proxy server and the port used to download the SW SP image files. My fix for this was to download the service packs at home on a 32bit OS.
So my first issue is this...
From my understanding I need to download the full SW Image as updating a administrative image from SP to SP is not an option? Please correct me if i'm wrong.
Issue 2
I am currently downloading the 32bit version and it is working fine, but the 64bit msi app that allows the 64bit download to begin is saying I need a 64 bit os in order to install it. So 2 questions.
1. Is there away to download the FULL 64bit image file without running the "Solidworks_Instalation_Manager.msi"
2. Is it even possible to store a 64bit image file (be it solidworks or any App) to a 32bit operating system?

Any help on this would be appreciated