Stuart Graham

How to create multiple AC points

Discussion created by Stuart Graham on May 14, 2008
Latest reply on May 14, 2008 by Svetlana Antiperovitch
I have created a heat exchanger assembly that has 4 by 4" outlets. Each outlet is threaded and has been created in a seperate part file. I have added 2 C points and 1 R point to the threaded outlet part file. The assembly is good.

When I go to add an AC Point, I select the first outlet thread ( the CPoint1) and select OK. All of the other CPoint1's from the other 3 threaded connection dissappear. Only the CPoint2's are left. When I select one of them, then they all dissappear.

How can I create 4 ACpoints in my assembly? I have purchased the forefront studios book and it is a great help, but their example only shows a valve assembly with 2 CPoints, hence it works for them.

Any help would be great.