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Multple Graphics Cards FX1700 + 8800GT

Discussion created by Craig Tickle on May 13, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2008 by Basil Gello
After a hard days designing it's nice to blow stuff up.

Here is my dilemma
buy a FX1700? Good for Solidworks , sucks with the latest games
buy a Geforce 8800GT? Can be problematic with solidworks rocks with games

Is the solution to put one of each into the PC (not in SLI mode) with 2 (or 4 monitors) and then make sure I match the application with the monitor attached to the correct card.

Anybody else tried or thought about this approach?

An alternative would be a FX3700 but it's kind of pricey and I have to pay for it up front, whereas I can add the gaming card later (and keep an eye out for a bargain)

Here are the numbers
Specviewperf - SW Cyris Price $NZ
FX1700 68.36 8.37 900
8800GT 21.24 41.63 280
FX3700 96.07 33.13 1900