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Moving the Design Library into PDME vault

Question asked by 17026 on May 13, 2008
Latest reply on May 14, 2008 by 17026
Hi all,

We are implementing a change over from PDMWorks to PDME rather soon. As such, we want to put our design library, which was living on a network drive, into the PDME vault.

We are currently trialling the vault change over, but when we put the design library is put into the vault and the drive on which the design library currently resides is disconnected, the assemblies cannot find the referenced library parts. How do we move the design library successfully?

The structure of the design library is something like this:
"J:\Feature Palette\Design\Palette Parts\Fasteners\Screws\XXX.sldprt", where we have multiple directories for various types of parts. The "J:\Feature Palette\Design\Palette Parts" is the part that is considered the design library level (the directory listed in the design library location).

Can you please tell me how to get this library into the vault so that we can remove the old location, and so that all the older assemblies can then find all the appropriate parts?