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    Storing non-CAD files

    Jennifer Bahnsen
      I am curious about using PDMWorks Enterprise to store non CAD files. Do you keep them in the same vault as your CAD files? The thinking by our IT people is that information for Marketing or Sales, etc. should be in seperate vaults so the searches for CAD data don't get bogged down or if there is a crash/corruption in one vault it won't affect anyone else. It seems like the db server needs to be upgraded instead. Am I off-base in my thinking?
        • Storing non-CAD files
          Mike Sveda
          We store all in the same vault.
          • Storing non-CAD files
            Wayne Tiffany
            Ours are all in the same vault with the idea that all info for a particular job is in the same location. Otherwise you have to keep jumnping around to look at the master drawing list, job site photos, etc while working with the models & drawings, etc.

            However, there is some merit to the other thoughts.

              • Storing non-CAD files
                Lucas Dexter
                As with anything there are different schools of thought on this subject. Personally I lean toward the one vault line of thinking. Maintaining one vault is a much easier task than maintaining multiple vaults. I use one vault and split the departments up with different folders. Then I create groups that correspond with the different folders to maintain user visibility and rights within the vault.
                I do have a test vault where I perform all of my testing before changing something major in the production vault. That alone is a bit of a pain to maintain and keep up to date with users, variables, workflows, groups, etc.
                As far as the search goes, we have about 128K files in one production vault for all engineering files (CAD , Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) and it takes about 70 seconds to find every file in the vault. From the date of implimantation a year ago, the time yo find one file has not changed ; a liitle more than one second.

                Hope this helps in your decision.

                Good luck,


                Lucas H. Dexter
                Engineering IT Systems Administrator, CAD/PDM
                SAP Dept.
                Spartan Motors Inc.