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      For Toolbox parts we usually use on configuration name in bom "User specified name".
      Is there any method to obtain this value and to use it in PDMWE BOM.
      For the toolbox parts we want to use this value not the configuration name.

        • $PARTNUMBER in BOM
          Erik Balle
          I don't think PDMWE supports the "User specified name" at this time, it is not a standard custom property. If you look at the stock BOM that comes with SolidWorks for drawings the "User specified name" is the Part Number property, and custom properties are listed separatly when setting what property to show for a BOM colum. You may want to conact your SolidWorks reseller and have them write a script to copy the "User specified name" to a custom property like PartNo so you can use it in PDMWE