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    Undo checkout not working

    John Layne
      I had a melt down on my machine and had to delete the vault view and some files were checked out on the machine.

      When I attempt to "Undo Check Out" PDMWorks informs me that the file is checked out on another machine. PDMWorks is wrong, refer attached pic.

      Note I am logged in as Admin and on SOLID-M90 yet I can no longer "Undo Check Out". I have tried to log on to another machine with various log ins including Admin to "Undo Check Out" with no success.

      The only way around this that I have found is to copy the files to another location, delete the files in the vault view and then copy them back and check them in again. This however removes the history and versions, which has huge implications for the usefulness of PDMWorks Enterprise.

      Is there something I'm missing here, is there anyway to force an "Undo Check Out"?
        • Undo checkout not working
          Joy Garon
          Hi John -

          A couple of things to check....

          1) it could be that the files were added but never checked in, i.e. the file you are checking in is still in the initial state. You need to use "get latest" on the file before performing undo check out so that it can route the file into a workflow etc.

          2) It could also be that you have enabled "cannot ignore warnings" and that would prevent you from proceeding because it warns there is no local copy. If you disabled that permission you can probably undo checkout without getting latest first.

          • Undo checkout not working
            John Layne
            Thanks guys,

            I doubled checked Admin had "cannot ignore warnings" unchecked BUT the Administrator GROUP had it checked.

            Shame there is no warning in the user properties window that the setting is overridden.