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Modfiy Configuration dialog & how to use it

Question asked by Bill Rose on May 12, 2008
Latest reply on May 16, 2008 by Bill Rose
Back in the olden days (v2007 or before) you could edit a dimension and have a choice between 'All Configurations', 'This configuration' and 'Specify Configurations'. The dimension that had been edited could be applied to specific configurations by highlighting them in the list.

Now we have this new dialog and it doesn't seem to work that way. I edit a dimension, choose 'Specify Configurations' and when I CTRL-Click to highlight multiple selections the dimension for those configurations do not change. The old dialog was much more usable in that you didn't have to CTRL-Click to select various configs and when you selected them they actually changed. It appears you can edit each dimension in the list manually but who wants to do that?

Also, the dimensions assigned to the various configs appear in a column next to the configuration name but they are .xxx precision even if the dimension you're editing is .xxxx precision. It is impossible to tell what the dimensions really are by looking at that list. Why did they change this tool? Wasn't it working OK before?? Is there some functional work-around for this or is this another problem that only my machine seems to have?

I'm beginning to hate 2008......Bill