Gerald Davis

iMac, Fusion, XP Pro & SW08

Discussion created by Gerald Davis on May 12, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2008 by Rick McWilliams
For around $2K, my wife's new iMac is set up with nearly all of the needed software. My new Dell M6300 was closer to $3K for about the same software setup.

Fusion is a terrific tool. It is great fun to switch between operating systems and compare. Apple definitely knows how to do it right.

I decided to try SW08 Sp3.1 on it. It seems okay - better than my old Dell M60, but VMWare's Fusion does not seem to have a true OpenGL video driver.

In every way, the M6300 is quicker than the iMac with SolidWorks, but not by so much as to prevent me from kind of wanting to solve the video issue.

My question for the iMac people - is there a video driver that will let SolidWorks run in hardware OpenGL under Fusion?