Rich Osterreicher

Config options in Model View Placement Window?

Discussion created by Rich Osterreicher on May 12, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2009 by Aaron Larson
How come there is NO Configuration Options in the dialog for Model View Palcement? (When in a Drawing)
And Also, It'd be Nice if there was a "Show in Exploded State" checkbox in the View placement dialog..

It's kinda dumb that we have to Place the view first.. Then select it and then click Properties to make it show a specific config.. and if you want it to show in exploded State...

As it is... It's got a Spot for:
Import options..
Display State..
Display Style..
Dim Type.
Cosmeteic Thread...

So.. It's got darn near Everyhting a user could need.. EXCEPT for configuration setting.. and the Show in Exploded state...

Those settings should be in the Main View placement dialog..