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Slow Network File Access

Question asked by Ken Chappell on May 12, 2008
Latest reply on May 16, 2008 by Ken Chappell

We are running SW 2008 (both 32 and 64). Our part/assembly/drawing files are located on a server accessed through a 1 Gbps network. We are plagued with slow file access. One of our guys ran an interesting test on SW 2008 and I'm wondering if anyone else has the same experience:

1. Get your stop-watch ready...
2. Using SW menu (File->Open), select a SW Drawing on your network that is SW 2007 or earlier. Keep it small for test sake. Start the stopwatch at the same time you press "enter". Time the amount of time required to open the file.
3. Now, save the file so it is now a SW 2008 file (on your network).
4. Close the file.
5. Reset your stop-watch and time your access time to re-open the file.

We are finding OUR 2008 files open much slower - order of magnitude (10x) slower. Does anybody else see this and know what is happening? Are WE missing some simple hardware, network, op system, or application setting?