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    Hatching a feature in drawing!

    vasu devan
      While doing the panel design "You could say something like car dash board" we add Label as features and make a cut for each text for the annotation; which is used for laser cutting.

      By doing so we get the feature in the drawing as lines as it shows the edges alone, so we need to fill the solid hatch to make the laser cut "Silk screening / impression of label".

      But being there are too many text, the system takes lot of time to re-generate and one more difficulty is that we need to select the entities one by one "Window selection is not possible".

      We need a solution by which we could easily select all the features at a time and apply hatch.

      If there any missing information and that could be of immense use, please feel free to contact me.
        • Hatching a feature in drawing!
          Maria Maillet
          We lasermark our parts. To represent this on the model, we Extrude Cut the text or logo with a depth of .0001 or less (the idea is to make it so shallow that it doesn't show up in a side view. We then select the feature and change the appearance color to black. We create a configuration of the part without any markings and use the unmarked configuration for the drawing. We only use the marked configuration on the views where we call out the markings (we dedicate the second sheet for part marking). The marking view is shown shaded so the text is a solid black line.

          We tried cross hatching the text on the drawing and we tried converting entities. We ran into problems when we needed to change the markings. The cross hatching didn't always update accurately. The way we do it now does make for a larger model file, but it's more dependable, and it gives our incoming inspector a more accurate visual. Also, we make PhotoWorks renders of all our components. It's much easier to select a feature and attach a black material to it than to wrap a decale.

          Hope this helps,