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    64bit Vista client problem

    John Layne

      Not getting very good help from my VAR, hope someone here can help.

      We tried to install the PDMWorks Enterprise Client (Contributer) on a VISTA 64bit machine. I didn't realise I had to find the separate installer for 64bit and this seems to a have caused a problem.

      I have uninstalled and reinstalled with the correct 64bit version, but I am unable to complete the view setup. Refer attached Picture,we are trying to connect to the "PDM-VAULT-SPT" we can and have attached to this vault on other XP based machines.

        • Vista client problem
          Search the knowledgebase for "Manual delete vault". In all likelihood you have information in the registry that is corrupting the installation. When I had this problem on a client (Vista 32) removing HKCU\Software\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise (the entire folder) in the registry fixed it.
            • Vista client problem
              richard lock

              Also note that if any of the clients are 64bit then all clients and servers need to be installed using the 64 bit installation or upgraded if already installed. This is only for PDMWE 2007 as PDMWE 2008 has only the 1 installation set.

            • Vista client problem
              John Layne
              To solve the problem I had to uninstall the Client delete the registry keys and reinstall the 64 bit verision of the client plus install the prerequisites for the SQLServer2005 (SQL backwards compatibility).

              Problem solved.

              Note all this could have been avoided if the 32bit installer came up with a warning that it was being installed on a 64bit system. Or if the installer was intelligent enough to switch to installing the 64bit version.

              • 64bit Vista client problem
                Jacqueline More
                OK this seems potentially similar to the problem I just posted about in a new subject however I have xp pro 64 bit... can someone explain this to me in simpletons terms? Does this mean I should uninstall PDM from my workstation, then go and delete those registry files and install PDM again? How do I know what to use or determine the difference between 32 bit installation vs 64 bit installation. My CD simply says PDM Works Enterprise 2007 on the CD... I have gone around and around with the VAR for over a week, I need to understand a solution to this headache.

                Does this also mean I need to go around to all our user's machines and reinstall PDM some other way? This is terribly confusing for a non-IT person and when we first got PDM, the VAR rep (who of course is long gone) just kind of did it and said once it's done I wouldn't have to worry about it.