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    "Show Users" search doesn't work.

    John Fair

      Have searched and searched and found nothing to solve my issue.   The Show Users search in the search tool doesn't work for any of our vaults.  Just says Could not access the item in the database: "vaultname"  Anyone have any suggestions?

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          Jim Sculley

          See SPR 843755:


          "With the switch to FLexLM based licensing (SNL) in 2015, the search user card has become obsolete. In 2014 and older, licenses and details about who is logged in where was managed in the SQL database ConisioMasterDb so we could query the database to get user login information. However in 2015, all license and login information is now managed by the SNL server service, so the old user search card is no longer useful. For a current license usage and user login details you'd have to use the SNL manager on the server, or an administrator can access the license usage info under the Licenses node in the EPDM administration tool."